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Computer Tutor makes it easy to pay for your repairs, services and tutorials online. Confirm invoice total with your Computer Tutor technician before making your payment. 

PLEASE NOTE: A 50% deposit on your initial quote is required to book and hold your appointment.



WANT TO LEAVE A GRATUITY? Please add it to your total when you pay your invoice with our thanks!

“Every time you don’t tip,

a child gets a mullet”

Thank you for your business!

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Jackie Nikkel, Lundar, Manitoba

"I had 2 computers to be fixed, one needed a tune up, the other had been out of commission for a couple of years due to viruses that locked us out of the computer. Computer Tutor did a fantastic job! She managed to get my laptop running in tip top shape, and the viruses out of my desktop cleaned up and running smoothly! We had thought for sure that all the files on it would be lost and that we would have to have it wiped completely, but she got it going, saving so many of the programs and files! Great job Computer Tutor!"

Office Hours: Monday to Friday – 8 am - 4 pm
Remote Support Available 24/7 - 365 days a year
On Site Repairs: 7 days/week, 9 am – 1 pm

Our office in Manitoba is open for pick-ups and drop offs by appt only.

CALL - TEXT - WhatsApp: (204)-471-5818

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