If you are looking for professional service for your computer, look no further! I somehow managed to completely destroy my computer that contains all the videos/photos of my children growing up. In the process of fixing it, Petra would always be sure to make me a priority, whether she had plans or not. Even though I know very little I was never made to feel stupid or embarrassed for how badly I messed up my poor laptop. Petra is able to help any day, anytime, anywhere, as she was helping me in Manitoba while she was in the Caribbean! She will not back down from a challenge and is very good at what she does. Highly recommended for anyone that owns a computer. Have Petra look it over and give it a full tune up before something terrible happens like it did to mine!   ~Katie Beth Sweetland

I live in the Yukon and was tired of poor service results. Then I heard about Computer Tutor from a friend. I received service above and beyond what I expected! Petra is patient and fun to work with. Best of all, my computer works like a charm!    ~Deborah Moroz, Yukon

She rescued my 6 year old desktop from near death and it is still working like new a year later!         ~Fran Schwitek, Ashern, Manitoba

Thank you to Computer Tutor for the wonderful service, Petra did a remote access on my laptop, it's working like new again, Thank you Petra for the fast service and fair prices. ~Bev Klatt, Grahamdale, Manitoba

I recently engaged our Computer Tutor to clean up my desk top and straighten out my Internet access and found Petra to be very efficient and competent.  My computer was returned to me within 24 hours in excellent shape.  Having those services available in the Interlake is great.    ~Davilyn Eyolfson, Lundar, Manitoba

Computer Tutor doesn't take days and days to fix the problem. Very pleased with the quality of service we received. Sincerely appreciate the way you conduct business. I recommend you to others because of our satisfaction and a bonus is you also provide remote service.
~Marilyn Sigurdson, Mulvihill, Manitoba

I really like Computer Tutor because we live in a sparsely populated area of Manitoba and finding someone to work on our computer is difficult. Even a 300 km trip to Winnipeg is a hit and miss affair as we have had difficulties in the past with big box store "computer experts". So we were delighted to find Petra and she has done a fabulous job in completely fixing and organizing our computer. Her good natured, friendly personality is a real treat in a business where everyone seems only interested in taking your money. We feel very lucky to have found Petra and Computer Tutor.   ~Stan & Edna Fowke, St. Martin, Manitoba


I am so happy with the work Petra did on my laptop. Fast, friendly, efficient service. It was no easy task as my poor laptop was so full of bad, bad viruses but Petra got in and got it done. My laptop is now running the way it should be. Awesome job . Thank you so much Petra. I would highly recommend Computer Tutor for all of your computer needs, or just a chat over a glass of wine !!!! Five stars are well deserved.  ~Marion Lorraine Furey

I had 2 computers to be fixed, one needed a tune up, the other had been out of commission for a couple of years due to viruses that locked us out of the computer. Computer Tutor did a fantastic job! She managed to get my laptop running in tip top shape, and the viruses out of my desktop cleaned up and running smoothly! We had thought for sure that all the files on it would be lost and that we would have to have it wiped completely, but she got it going, saving so many of the programs and files! Great job Computer Tutor!   ~Jackie Nikkel

I'm extremely pleased with the work done on my computer. Great service that was very quick. Loved having the spreadsheet to take home afterwards. I've referred back to it several times already. When I brought it home, I felt like a kid at Christmas with a brand new computer. It's so fast! Lol. Hopefully I won't need the remote services but it's nice to know you're just a click away. Thanks again.  ~Jenn Heroux

I'm extremely pleased with the work done on my computer. Great service that was very quick. Loved having the spreadsheet to take home afterwards. I've referred back to it several times already. When I brought it home, I felt like a kid at Christmas with a brand new computer. It's so fast! Lol. Hopefully I won't need the remote services but it's nice to know you're just a click away. Thanks again.  ~Jenn Heroux

Petra, as always, delivers more value than she charges for. My computer is running like a gazelle and she taught me how to keep it that way. This was above and beyond the malware/spyware/virus lube and oil change. All remote BTW.   ~Tom Grainger

What do you do when you want to Skype with Family and you have no idea how to install or use it? Thankfully, we contacted the amazing Computer Tutor! Petra's superb remote support is fantastic. She is a true 'Computer Geek', whose love of computer's sure shines through! In no time at all, she had our Skype installed and working perfectly, tutored us on how to use it properly, and we were able to happily Skype with our Grandchildren. Thank you, Computer Tutor for your excellent and efficient service. Thank you for your patience with us, for taking the time to very thoroughly explain things to us, and for your kind and honest customer service. Do yourself a favour, if you have any computer issue, no matter how big or small, call Computer Tutor. We are very thankful we did, and you will be too!    ~Leslie Mincer Schnur

Petra is a great computer tutor, and excellent at fixing problematic computers, she is an asset to the Interlake area.  ~Catharina Pepping

Computer Tutor was very thorough, went over everything she did and answered all questions.  I will always use her to clean up my many messes!    ~Laurel Pitre, Manitoba

Computer Tutor is friendly and efficient. She took the time to explain almost step by step what & how she would be addressing my p.c.'s problems in a computer language I found easy to understand. She gave my old desk top a new life. It's faster, more efficient and virus free and it was all done by remote! Living rural this is a great bonus service she provides! I highly recommend Petra at Computer Tutor to fix your p.c. problems. Thank you Petra!  ~Jamie Ennis

Thanks to Petra / Computer Tutor for the great job cleaning up and repairing our computer. Petra is professional, reliable and speedy at getting a job done. Absolutely love the remote support. Thank you so much - you really helped us out here at Steep Rock Beach Park.  

~Lana Laktin Iwanchuk, Steep Rock, Manitoba

Our computer took forever to start up, humming, pop ups --- knew we had issues and contemplated buying a new computer. But instead, Computer Tutor to the rescue! Within a day, we now have a much improved, "better-than-new" computer - all done remotely!! Impeccable service! I highly recommend Computer Tutor.        ~Michele White, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Computer Tutor offers remote access and fixed my computer from wherever she was working that day. What I attempted to do in the course of days took Petra only an hour. She is efficient, computer savvy like no other and easy to deal with. She will go above and beyond to get the job done right, resulting in happy customers.    ~Shawn Cote, Grahamdale, Manitoba

I really like Computer Tutor because she is proficient, efficient, accommodating, friendly, patient & honest.  She has rescued me from some computer dilemmas.  I would recommend her to anyone.   ~Sharon D., Oak Point, Manitoba

Petra has corrected all the computer problems I have encountered many times over the last few years. She has excellent computer knowledge, is very dependable and honest. I hope she will continue to be of assistance to her many customers who appreciate her efforts.
~K. Buschhausen Winnipeg, Manitoba

Petra is squeaky clean honest and will go the extra mile to get you up and running. In my case, this time it was my keyboard and mouse and how she figured that out I'll never know; intuition, smarts and persistence I imagine. Besides, she is funny.   ~Tom Grainger

Petra was super helpful when I needed advice about having a wired internet connection as opposed to wireless. Thank you Petra!! 

~Lisa Taron

I enjoyed working with Computer Tutor. She made the repair quick and painless keeping me in the loop. Thanks a bunch.  ~Harve Ostash

Thank you so much to Petra/Computer Tutor for working on our computers and getting them going again. She did an excellent job and was fast at it too.  ~Erna Janke